Tuesday, November 29, 2011

blossom month of Nov; Sis Liza got married with her love one yaw!

Wah! time went so so fast. till i just realized quite long time away from talking to myself. hehe. Blossom in Nov, where our beloved sissy roomate got married with her love one, abg kamal. finally, their story ending with love story and all their dreams to live together became a reality. We went to celebrate the occasion together and its really an awesome gathering for us too. Where, we managed to share the happy moment, laughed and shared stories all the way there.

The wedding reception went for two days at Kuala Selangor and all the food served there are good nyummy and delicious as well. We really enjoyed the moment, food and time being there together. The 'committee' members participated in the wedding convoyed were me, yana, izzah, puchong, ed, epul, wan, ila, aten, shafiq, bahyah, and alin.

We also managed to 'explore' some part of Kuala Selangor and guessed what, it was being introduced by Puchong. He acted like a teacher who brought his students for school trip. haha. Indeed, we enjoyed the short trip and it was really fascinating as we are able to treasure to part of Bukit Melawati (the best bumpy train I ever had, yehuuu), Pantai Remis (where we eat lots there, even some of food not so good) But we appreciate every single time being talked and laughed together.

It was a tiring weekend actually because no rest time for the whole week, but we don't mind as long as can shared the moment and its not as easy as that to gather everyone since we are busy doing our own stuffs. Even we are not related by flesh blood, but the tighten bond among us helps to create this family 'ceritaretera'! yeah!

Live your life with happiness and keep friend with everyone! :D

                            caption: after the weds reception, we went for selangor's touring@ bukit melawati

                           caption: compulsary xtivity @ suci dalam debu with kerongcong with saiful misri!
                                           caption: part of us with sis liza a.k.a beloved sister :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

COME BACK again!

Hi to myself again for being stopped quite a long time. now, im back with no student's title status anymore. just finished my degree few past months ago and now have been attached with media specialist for full time working status. wow! i've been working but started missing all those being student's moment and environment. so life goes well and very2 busy being part of media industry. life is not that easy and everything is all about work nowadays. rushing + double work+urgent time+ deadlines+clients' demands and needs+sleep less+long working hours+late nite out from work! its all about current life and need to be adapt to those situation.

I need to adapt to this situation and motivate myself in order to be a competitive in this industry. we're starting with not too high salary ranking but the experiences is counting in order to be succeed. i want to try being part of this industry first. put more effort and gain more exposure and try to stay as long enough as i can. maybe and insyaAllah, if God willing that's my current ambition. besides, 'rezeki' is everywhere as far as we are non-stop searching and work hard for it.

So, notes to myself, just grab the opportunity in front of mine and keep telling positive words in maintain the track and do keep catching other chances too. No matter how hard I work for myself, never forget to get some time for my own self, family and friends who always by my side. chilling is important too to prevent the apprehension. Let's work it out to put away the pressure. Live well! :D

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Burns it out!

1.5km do help to burn out my extra fat. since too long I stopped myself from being involved in a long walk and jog. now I'm back for the therapy myslef in kinda of ways. It helps me to sweat and reduce my pressure as well. Hurmmm, today I just jog alone since all my siblings went out for bowling at Penang Bowl. and my beloved mama and abah went out just two of them. So I'm having my jog alone.

Its good to have active and hectic lifestyle. It may keeps our body from having extra2 unneeded fat and keep ourselves fit as well. So, live well and have a balance lifestyle.


Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back :D

Hey everyone..It's time to come back after a long time I've been silent from update my blog. For about four months I didn't have time to update my daily blog. I have been keeping myself busy during the 4 months' internship with advertising agency named as Dentsu Utama. It is located somwhere area Plaza Damansara and I have to travel everyday from S. Alam. Its quite far and tiring when driving in traffic jam everyday and since I have no choice I can't avoid the situation. But being involved in car pooling with one of my colleagues there help to ease my burden. We are car pooling from S.Alam to Bukit Damansara.

Interning in Dentsu exposed me to a real advertising life. I have been interning under servicing which handle TM's account. My boss and colleagues there are all nice and helpful. Gave me such a good exposure and knowledge so that it will be beneficial for me in future. Its quite lucky to have such exposure and it helps me to identify the advertising scope well. Finished internship at Dentsu means I will be graduated soon. So after this, the responsibility of hunting for jobs come next. Will always miss the study time and also the period of internship. Its not easy to enter a real working  challenges and it needs high effort in completing such accomplishement.

All the best for me and all my colleagues in hunting for suitable places to work in. Hoping for the best and get what everyone wants. Life is running fast and we have to compete each others in order to have better life in future.


*coolest team mate I ever had*

* interns at Plaza Damansara* (gonna miss dem lots :))


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

internship period

uhuuu! already start my internship. has been bz for about 3 weeks and no time to write for my blog..so many works to do..ya! im an intern here so shud behave like an intern and of course not a boss..nowadays routine life as an intern as usual enter office around and b4 9 am and will leave office after 6.45 pm..but dat time if im lucky to go back early..if i have work to do have to stay back and no choice la..im juz hoping for the best and hope will gain new experiences and explore exposure here.. Since still early and new comer in ad agency, hope dat i cud able to learn fast and make life more worth it.. having a great team meat and blast members to office help to motivate myself to work here.

Sure i will ask for any confusions and ask for work to do too..weeee:D busy is become routine life nowadays and im quite missing class time and lecturing time..miss all my cluzmates and of course all the lecturers too..Thank you God for giving me a better way and I'm still hoping for the best internship for the rest of my life..:)