Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm back :D

Hey everyone..It's time to come back after a long time I've been silent from update my blog. For about four months I didn't have time to update my daily blog. I have been keeping myself busy during the 4 months' internship with advertising agency named as Dentsu Utama. It is located somwhere area Plaza Damansara and I have to travel everyday from S. Alam. Its quite far and tiring when driving in traffic jam everyday and since I have no choice I can't avoid the situation. But being involved in car pooling with one of my colleagues there help to ease my burden. We are car pooling from S.Alam to Bukit Damansara.

Interning in Dentsu exposed me to a real advertising life. I have been interning under servicing which handle TM's account. My boss and colleagues there are all nice and helpful. Gave me such a good exposure and knowledge so that it will be beneficial for me in future. Its quite lucky to have such exposure and it helps me to identify the advertising scope well. Finished internship at Dentsu means I will be graduated soon. So after this, the responsibility of hunting for jobs come next. Will always miss the study time and also the period of internship. Its not easy to enter a real working  challenges and it needs high effort in completing such accomplishement.

All the best for me and all my colleagues in hunting for suitable places to work in. Hoping for the best and get what everyone wants. Life is running fast and we have to compete each others in order to have better life in future.


*coolest team mate I ever had*

* interns at Plaza Damansara* (gonna miss dem lots :))


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