Monday, December 27, 2010

putting away everything but not the family =)

Few days I  was not writing my blog. Most of the previous time were spending with family before going back to S.Alam. I mean before the internship start. Im sure gonna miss all my family and of course home sweet home too. Hurmmm..On Christmas, my family and I spend most of the time for shopping because of the Year End Sales. We went to QB and Sunshine Square to grab the needed costumes and filled up our wardrobe with new clothes and accessories. There were a family gathering on the next day. Where many of my mum's kazen came to our house and had their lunch and dinner with us. My great and sweet grandma also there too with us for the full of two days. On that day, again we came out for the shopping mood. Just this time we were more focusing on household items. Try to complete everything since high promotion and due to stock clearance. You still can get good items with more convenience price.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Therapy again..yeayyyyyyyyy

Therapy from the web definition is treatment from doctor or any medication. For me therapy is doing something that could release my tension or fill my time with something that could cheer me up. I usually relate therapy with going shopping. I like to shop when I have some amount of money that could be spend for any stuffs that I needed to buy. The most of my therapy is with my family especially with my mum. Almost bought all the clothes especially with my mum. Becoz mama is really good in choosing clothes for me. She's even good at giving opinion towards fashion and if I have confusion on what to wear for certain event or functions, mama is my best solution. She's always become my fashions' critics if let say I need any opinion and view regarding my costums.
      Today again 'therapy' with mama. Pity mama coz usually takes quite a long time to choose and buy something especially for my clothes. Today, we are shop for almost my dress coat ; my working attire. Many new clothes for coming internship. So many dresses were chosed by mama. I like all the design and colors. We try to match each of the dress with shoes and also other accessories. For my working attire is going to semi casual. Its mean jeans are allowed but not the torn one. Still can wear jeans la. haha..Coz I'm more comfortable with jeans rather than skirts or any dress or slacks. But for today, we almost bought up more dresses becoz mama wants me to look more ladies when I'm enter my working world. Thank you mama and abah for spending a lot of money for my costums and it really gets me ready to change my appearance after this. =) Thanks to God to all the given and gives me the perfect raiser for me and my siblings.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

B.O.W.L time =)

It's my bro's interest. He's very fanatic towards bowling. Quite good scorer and good player for bowling. He always play the game with his mates but sumtimes also play with our siblings. Then I also influence to play and like bowling for my free time. We play well and my youngest bro and sis also good at playing bowling. We spend time today for bowling and we turn up to only three games because have another agenda after that. We played at Penang Bowl because the rate there is cheaper then Sunshine Square or Bukit Jambul. With the reasonable rate we could enjoy more games. Besides, the lane there quite good and many pple played there too. But that place is mostly full with Chinesse becoz they like playing bowl there.
       We play for fun. But at the same time my siblings usually use the opportunity to upgrade their skills. They talent through games could also been seen and its interesting and glad to see high scores and variety of game skills. My siblings love indoor and outdoor game. Yeah! Play well to maintain good health.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


smile in your heart

hey. Today I really miss u and that's the reason I came up with writing for today. Really miss you. That's only words could be expressed deep inside my heart. When miss you just pray for your happiness and your good health. May u get all the bless from God.
   It's normal phenomenon when we miss somebody coz its natural and gift in our heart. Make me smile to see people that I care in a good condition and happiness alwez by their side. Everyone has chance to feel care, love and being appreciate by others. Don't ever make pple surround u sad and feel like thay are unwanted in your life. We should appreciate others and be nice to everyone. God will pay for all your kindness. 

this expressing what I feel towards u and its remain forever. InsyaAllah

Friday, December 17, 2010

they colored of mine =D

Novels, books, lappy fill my days. If not going out with family all those things fill up my days. Most of the time reading helps and works. Lappy cannot be separated from mine. Part of my soul. Not only portfolios and works but all the photos inside it have become part of my soul. Every moment is snap and save in it.
  Having so many people in life help to make life more meaningful. Cherish all the moment. Sometimes alone is better. But we still need people to listen to us. Not only family, peeps also need by everyone. If we have something to share it must be shared and lend our ears for other matters or story works to tigthen the relationships, either family or friendship.
    Color your day with happiness. They colored my day and never let me down. Really care and a good listener. The most important things is we are 'satu kepala' and alwez make thing become 'kecoh'. Love the way they are.
siblings (wif MM and NW)

order time..weee:D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

outing time

Just came back from the whole day out with family. A bit tired but still enjoy the day even I'm not feeling well. Having bad flu make me feel unomfortable but still had great time with my family.But still enjoy the outing. On the day, also had chance to visit my aunt at Jelutong. Then also unplanned to visit my kazen 1st daughter at Tropicana MC at Island Glades. Congratulations to my kazen, Sis Syahadah and her husband for their first gift from God. Her baby is so cute and just born for two days. Welcome to our family to Baby Zara Qalisya. U are so cute just like ur mummy and daddy. For dinner, we had a great dinner at Tanjung Bungah. Yummy and delicious food there. Really enjoy the all the foods and will recommend the foods to other relatives for next visit. Enjoy the outing, chatting moment and laughing all the time.

-few pic of my kazen's baby
so cute :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

small kid in our family

Guess what? haha..It's my family's cat. Name as Abujeee but just called it 'Abu'. The name given by MM since he was young and the name is still called until now.' Abu' is become my abah and mama's anak kecik since we pampered him with full of kasih sayang..Sometimes, 'Abu' even sleep with mama and abah..mengalahkan anak2 yg lain..:) We are taking care of him since he was young until now. We care for his food, shelter, cleanliness and also give him lots of kasih sayang..It is playful all the time and quite a loving cat.
    Abah, mama and MM always play with him. Talk to him like they are talking to human..hehe. It's actually a gift from God because we had found and raised him up. 'Abu' is part of complete our happy life since its make us laugh with its action. It's funny to look at what he's doing in his day and the most important things like about 'Abu' is the beauty and 'clean' of him. I dislike something smelly or dirt. But our cat is much better from day to day and hope we have give him the best. He's lucky to have us I think. =)

Abujee a.k.a Abu =) anak kecik dlm family

Monday, December 13, 2010

For the Rest of My Life

Spell it right F.A.M.I.L.Y. Where my heart is belongs to. There's nothing could replace it. I am the eldest children for Mr Mohd Tahir bin Che Ahmad and Mrs Rodziah binti Megat Osman. They are my perfect raisers and always being such a supportive and understandable shoulders for the rest of my siblings. After me follow by three years old brother younger than me, who is Muhammad Shazlan (MS), he's now doing his Higher National Diploma in Programming; also in one of the KL's college, then follow by sister who's will entering Form two secondary school next year, Nur Shazwena Anis (NW) and my last bro, Muhammad Shazmie (MM) is still doing his primary school in Penang.
We're lucky because to have everyone in family. We are family tight and love each others. Parent are our closed friends and pity mama and abah because have to listen to everyone day story everyday..hehe..
   We are lucky too to have a great and sporting grandma, who we called Tok. Tok is my mama's mummy..She's now staying with my uncle at Seberang Perai..always come to visit all her cucus' if we are not back to her house. We are closed with her and is wondering how could I live without my Tok. She's everything to me just like our parent. We are family tight and very closed to all relatives. Spending time with family and relatives are become part of our weekend event when everyone at home and back to hometown. Since everyone is busy doing their own studies, working and etc. this gathering can only be done once everyone back. Great and Thankful to GOD to have such a loving family, relatives and also friends. Without them, life will be dull and the color of life cannot be shared among us =)
we love gathered together =)

happy family (pic taken from gettyimage)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Take my hand and become my companion and friend in these pages. Start from today I'll start writing to fill my free time and it's actually exciting when we talk to ourselves. We could share something interesting in our life and make it more meaningful when it could be share or give help to others. Some peeps might use it when it is necessary and it just like me. When I'm reading something usually novels, articles, blogs or any sources, its actually helps me to absorb some info and they also do help me in improving my current situation. I do believe reading could help to be part of problem solver once its match with our ways of solution. Since I was young my parent do make me a daily schedule where there must be a reading time for me and my bother in a day. That's the reason why I do love reading and its grown up till now in my life. No more schedule when grew up because we have able to manage time wisely..hehe..No fix rules in life as long as you are able to make a meaningful life in your day..For me enjoy is a must but just know on how to handle it without neglected the study time..Share the happiness with family, relatives and friends then life would be more meaningful.
      I do hope the writing through this blog will help to share something to life and as long as we share the time together, do read, listen or write it helps me to improve the conditions of person life.Live life to the fullest.