Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Therapy again..yeayyyyyyyyy

Therapy from the web definition is treatment from doctor or any medication. For me therapy is doing something that could release my tension or fill my time with something that could cheer me up. I usually relate therapy with going shopping. I like to shop when I have some amount of money that could be spend for any stuffs that I needed to buy. The most of my therapy is with my family especially with my mum. Almost bought all the clothes especially with my mum. Becoz mama is really good in choosing clothes for me. She's even good at giving opinion towards fashion and if I have confusion on what to wear for certain event or functions, mama is my best solution. She's always become my fashions' critics if let say I need any opinion and view regarding my costums.
      Today again 'therapy' with mama. Pity mama coz usually takes quite a long time to choose and buy something especially for my clothes. Today, we are shop for almost my dress coat ; my working attire. Many new clothes for coming internship. So many dresses were chosed by mama. I like all the design and colors. We try to match each of the dress with shoes and also other accessories. For my working attire is going to semi casual. Its mean jeans are allowed but not the torn one. Still can wear jeans la. haha..Coz I'm more comfortable with jeans rather than skirts or any dress or slacks. But for today, we almost bought up more dresses becoz mama wants me to look more ladies when I'm enter my working world. Thank you mama and abah for spending a lot of money for my costums and it really gets me ready to change my appearance after this. =) Thanks to God to all the given and gives me the perfect raiser for me and my siblings.

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