Tuesday, December 21, 2010

B.O.W.L time =)

It's my bro's interest. He's very fanatic towards bowling. Quite good scorer and good player for bowling. He always play the game with his mates but sumtimes also play with our siblings. Then I also influence to play and like bowling for my free time. We play well and my youngest bro and sis also good at playing bowling. We spend time today for bowling and we turn up to only three games because have another agenda after that. We played at Penang Bowl because the rate there is cheaper then Sunshine Square or Bukit Jambul. With the reasonable rate we could enjoy more games. Besides, the lane there quite good and many pple played there too. But that place is mostly full with Chinesse becoz they like playing bowl there.
       We play for fun. But at the same time my siblings usually use the opportunity to upgrade their skills. They talent through games could also been seen and its interesting and glad to see high scores and variety of game skills. My siblings love indoor and outdoor game. Yeah! Play well to maintain good health.

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