Tuesday, December 14, 2010

small kid in our family

Guess what? haha..It's my family's cat. Name as Abujeee but just called it 'Abu'. The name given by MM since he was young and the name is still called until now.' Abu' is become my abah and mama's anak kecik since we pampered him with full of kasih sayang..Sometimes, 'Abu' even sleep with mama and abah..mengalahkan anak2 yg lain..:) We are taking care of him since he was young until now. We care for his food, shelter, cleanliness and also give him lots of kasih sayang..It is playful all the time and quite a loving cat.
    Abah, mama and MM always play with him. Talk to him like they are talking to human..hehe. It's actually a gift from God because we had found and raised him up. 'Abu' is part of complete our happy life since its make us laugh with its action. It's funny to look at what he's doing in his day and the most important things like about 'Abu' is the beauty and 'clean' of him. I dislike something smelly or dirt. But our cat is much better from day to day and hope we have give him the best. He's lucky to have us I think. =)

Abujee a.k.a Abu =) anak kecik dlm family