Friday, December 17, 2010

they colored of mine =D

Novels, books, lappy fill my days. If not going out with family all those things fill up my days. Most of the time reading helps and works. Lappy cannot be separated from mine. Part of my soul. Not only portfolios and works but all the photos inside it have become part of my soul. Every moment is snap and save in it.
  Having so many people in life help to make life more meaningful. Cherish all the moment. Sometimes alone is better. But we still need people to listen to us. Not only family, peeps also need by everyone. If we have something to share it must be shared and lend our ears for other matters or story works to tigthen the relationships, either family or friendship.
    Color your day with happiness. They colored my day and never let me down. Really care and a good listener. The most important things is we are 'satu kepala' and alwez make thing become 'kecoh'. Love the way they are.
siblings (wif MM and NW)

order time..weee:D

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