Monday, December 27, 2010

putting away everything but not the family =)

Few days I  was not writing my blog. Most of the previous time were spending with family before going back to S.Alam. I mean before the internship start. Im sure gonna miss all my family and of course home sweet home too. Hurmmm..On Christmas, my family and I spend most of the time for shopping because of the Year End Sales. We went to QB and Sunshine Square to grab the needed costumes and filled up our wardrobe with new clothes and accessories. There were a family gathering on the next day. Where many of my mum's kazen came to our house and had their lunch and dinner with us. My great and sweet grandma also there too with us for the full of two days. On that day, again we came out for the shopping mood. Just this time we were more focusing on household items. Try to complete everything since high promotion and due to stock clearance. You still can get good items with more convenience price.

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