Monday, December 13, 2010

For the Rest of My Life

Spell it right F.A.M.I.L.Y. Where my heart is belongs to. There's nothing could replace it. I am the eldest children for Mr Mohd Tahir bin Che Ahmad and Mrs Rodziah binti Megat Osman. They are my perfect raisers and always being such a supportive and understandable shoulders for the rest of my siblings. After me follow by three years old brother younger than me, who is Muhammad Shazlan (MS), he's now doing his Higher National Diploma in Programming; also in one of the KL's college, then follow by sister who's will entering Form two secondary school next year, Nur Shazwena Anis (NW) and my last bro, Muhammad Shazmie (MM) is still doing his primary school in Penang.
We're lucky because to have everyone in family. We are family tight and love each others. Parent are our closed friends and pity mama and abah because have to listen to everyone day story everyday..hehe..
   We are lucky too to have a great and sporting grandma, who we called Tok. Tok is my mama's mummy..She's now staying with my uncle at Seberang Perai..always come to visit all her cucus' if we are not back to her house. We are closed with her and is wondering how could I live without my Tok. She's everything to me just like our parent. We are family tight and very closed to all relatives. Spending time with family and relatives are become part of our weekend event when everyone at home and back to hometown. Since everyone is busy doing their own studies, working and etc. this gathering can only be done once everyone back. Great and Thankful to GOD to have such a loving family, relatives and also friends. Without them, life will be dull and the color of life cannot be shared among us =)
we love gathered together =)

happy family (pic taken from gettyimage)

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