Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alif Haikal born day @ turned to be 22 for Nov 2011! :XD

Catch up man! u're 22 for Nov 2011. Wah, can't believe this is the 4th times we're celebrating your born day man! Happy birthday to you and may all your wishes come true and pls behave like your age! haha. that's the most important thing la.

A big appreciation to maker of the big idea a.k.a cuptart maker@ liyana razlyns & izzah! also thanks to others who have been contributed to this creation and played roles till this surprise succeed. Ed, Alin, and also Shahrul a.k.a Puchong! We did and able to make him surprise! The cute 'cuptart' really yummy as per their look! Hopefully Alif happy for the celebration and even it was a small one but hope it will become one of his 'best moments' of 2011. Make sure you write down in your previous planner man! hihi~

Momentos to be remembered & shared among us :-)

                             caption: HB to you Alif Haikal (2011's celebration)

                             caption: 'cuptart' specially made for you! :)

                                     caption: us on celebration! hope you like it!

                                            caption: bfday boy on board!

                                   caption: randomly in action! haiyaakkkk!!! :XD

                                    caption: feed your love one ;p (ed & alif haikal)

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