Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gaya Hidup Sihat @ from cycling to hiking xtivity!

Hollaaaa! As usual not updating my blog and wanna shared what we have done for past two months back. We went for hiking @ Bukit Cerakah. Actually everyone is very excited for cycling event, then due to so many visitors on that weekend and all the bikes were 'sold out' we have no choice, is either tour with train/ tour with our own feet! Afdal a.k.a chief of the event. haha. suggested that we tour the bukit with own energy. We walked around 9am till 11pm ++. its almost three hours and actually we did for adventurous walked!

Yeahhhh! very2 tired but satisfied cos it helps to burn the unwanted fat! haha! when feel tired/ bored, we started to sing a song together and also played some games and make jokes. Its us. We can't be separated with jokes man! especially Izuddin Misri@ wan (full of jokes)! Good job to us (Che Mon, Izzah, Yana, Alin, and head of tour guide a.k.a Afdal) Finally we are able to find how big the Bukit is and saw so many creatures and appreciate more on the habitat!

Some moments to share with! have a look yea!  :-)

                                caption: welcome everyone!!! grrrrrr! we're in action lol:XD

                             caption: took a rest after a long walked! still can pose! gila camera man!

                                     caption: acting like a 'head' plak. hoho!

                                     caption: view from the top; credit to Afdal :)

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